LAPLUS+ is an exclusively plus size fashion retailer created to bring us gals easy flowing pieces that encompass LA style. Our point of view is completely LA. Our owner and fashion buyer, Leslie was born and raised in West Los Angeles. She went to the Art Institute here in Los Angeles and her fashion perspective is all about wearing the dream of LA. You can be sure that when you purchase from LAPLUS+ you'll be wearing clothes that truly represent the dichotomies of the Los Angeles lifestyle: laid back, yet fast-paced, trendy yet eclectic, and glamorous but still remaining relaxed. Los Angeles is a unique place with a distinctive mix of fashion influences from Hollywood, the beach, the arts, and the streets. LAPLUS+ combines these influences to bring you the best of this iconic and highly sought after city. True fashionistas have a well rounded wardrobe that has influences from many different places. That's why style bloggers and trendy girls from all over are going crazy over LAPLUS+!

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